About Motovista

Motovista is designed by Theresa Olson, a committed scooter rider in Seattle, Washington. She has been formulating the concepts for Motovista for several years.

A long time cyclist, Theresa had experienced frustration familiar to many when commuting by bicycle. When she got to her destination, she invetiably had to change clothes. After all, the lycra shorts and tight jerseys commonly needed for cycling were not exactly appropriate for the work environment.

On entering the scooter world, she encountered a similar situation.Theresa wanted gear that would keep her warm, dry and safe while riding her scooter. But she also wanted it to be stylish enough that she wouldn't need a complete outfit change when going into that meeting, or event or even a date! Just about everything on the market for women who ride scooters (or motorcycles) made you look like you just got off one.

Theresa has a degree in Apparel Design and Development. She is employed full time in the apparel industry and does custom design work for select clients. She also designs the uniforms for her bike racing team. Driven by her ideas and armed with here unique experience, Theresa is currently developing the Motovista line and is hoping to launch in 2014.

Theresa sewing at machine Theresa looking up and smiling